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Gave Oral, Std scare, is Negative result full panel test accurate?

Hi, I have a question about stds and a sexual encounter I had.
First of all, i'm a male. So after 2 weeks of giving oral to a friend for about 3 minutes or so who did not finish in my mouth, I took a full panel std/hiv testing. I was stressing out afterwards over the incident and what I might have contracted. A week or so later I noticed what looked like Geographic Tongue and I was feeling a cold coming just before the incident so when my throat started feeling a little like I was getting sick, I couldn’t tell if it was that or from my sexual encounter. I thought it looked a little red in the back and like i had little bumps in the far back of my throat.nI saw my gp about 4 weeks after the act for my tongue and throat. My gp said it all looked alright and just to be safe sent me to a dermatologist for my tongue, who didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Sorry for the long post. I just thought i'd throw out some info. Main question is: Do you think two weeks was too soon for testing based from my sexual encounter? It’s been about 7 weeks since the encounter now and my tongue seems to be fine but once in a while looks like i still have the geographic tongue looking marks. Thank you for taking the time to read my all over the place post.

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Overall your risk was low, i see no reason for testing and see nothing that makes me think a STD.
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Hey Vance, I heard it was low-risk but that syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes and sometimes hiv (I think those were it) were the stds most likely to be contracted via oral sex. That's why I took the full panel test which came back negative but heard syphilis can take 4-6 weeks to show positive. Atm I don't think I have any symptoms but some light reddish color on one side of my mouth. I thought it looks similar to angular cheilitis. Side Note: The dermatologist did mention that it looked like I had some sort of light yeast infection around my mouth because it looked a little pink but I didn't even notice that before he told me. Maybe that's what could be causing the angular cheilitis?
Anyways, I do have a partner with who we were monogamous until this incident on my part which I regret completely. Do you think the negative test results I have received means it's alright for me to continue having sex with my partner? Thanks again for reading.
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