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Gave oral sex

I gave oral sex to a girl and I think had sex for like 10-20 secs unprotected then stoped .. risk ?
I went to a clinic got tested blood work for everything and got treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea.. said to come back in a month ..
Need advice
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Very low risk for such a brief event.

Unprotected oral sex on a female has some risk, but it's much lower than that on a man. If your partner had a syphilis sore, you could get oral syphilis. Syphilis is uncommon in most places, though. You could possibly get oral gonorrhea, but it's far more unlikely when giving oral to a female than a man. The treatment you got for gonorrhea would cure it.

I would have advised you against getting treated for just a few seconds of unprotected sex. You probably didn't need it, but that's done now. In theory, you could be at risk for any STD since you had unprotected sex. In reality, 10-20 seconds probably isn't going to transmit anything.

I wouldn't worry at all if I were you. Is there a reason you're so concerned? Is she particularly high risk? Do you have a regular partner you're worried about infecting?
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... it was a drunk night we do not kno each other but I do remmber stopping my self because I didn’t have a condom after those seconds to a min 0r 3
I am scared .. idk what she has or doesn’t have. .. since then it was Friday till now I’m not experiencing no sores or itching no burning pee.. but my throat does have a little burn ..it’s early for that to happen ?
Just trying to be safe I’m not a very sexual person
Most oral STD infections don't give symptoms, so I'd guess that's anxiety, or allergies, dry air, change of seasons, etc. You've been treated for gonorrhea and chlamydia, so even if you got that orally, it would be cured.

If you got syphilis, you'd get a round, painless sore, and that wouldn't appear for about 3 weeks, so it's not that. Syphilis is really uncommon, so I wouldn't worry about that at all.

My guess is that you're really worried, so you;re focusing on every single thing. Keep an eye on your throat - that's far more likely to be COVID-19 or the flu than it is an STD.

You posted about a very brief encounter in Sept, with similar anxiety after. Do you ever talk to your partners about STDs before having sex? Maybe you just aren't someone who is good at casual sex. It's okay if you aren't - I'm not either. There's no shame in it. I don't know if you mean you aren't a very sexually active person, or someone who doesn't have a high sex drive, but whichever it means, maybe you shouldn't do hook ups, if that's what these are. No judgement at all - just seems like your anxiety has a hard time with them.
Question I know weather is changing and all but I’ve been feeling hot & had little to none itching down there saw some red spots (shaft area ) and put zinc ointment on it  seems to go away no discharge or burning when peeing .. when I look down there around the area looks normal but early and yesterday saw some redness..
Also I forgot to ask would this be herpes ? And if so wouldn’t I get it orally since the oral sex was a long time frame during the act.

As I’m getting itchyness again no discharge.
No oral pains.
Throat pain went away.

Or maybe it’s my anxiety???
Anxiety is mental - Trust me on that as going through same  thing!

Key is to stop self examining as this making things red and you start to see or feel things which are totally normal and get a test in 6 weeks for total mindset but realistically the brief amount of time is nothing to worry about.

Herpes are outbreaks of ulcer type blisters. If you had an outbreak you would know.
I have redness or red bumps   on my penis head that came out of no where
The redness on the shaft is gone
If it was herpes how can I tell ?
Were they blisters? Sores of any kind, or just bumps? Herpes are not just bumps.

Seriously, nothing you can get from oral sex will just cause bumps. Why are you panicking so much over this? Do you have a regular partner you are worried about infecting? Your reaction to this is way out of proportion to the risk level.
Just bumps & very reddish at the tip all over  and when I went to the doctor he said it’s Irritation and I remember now  that I had sex ( no condom ) with this lady unprotected maybe for a min or two then stopped I got retested and for herpes too but the doctor said no it does not look like herpes but I do have pain and discomfort

He gave me zinc ointment

I guess I’m freaking out over the unprotected part.  And I didn’t know the person too.

Thanks again. I will trust my doctors saying.
No sores or burning when peeing
Lots of things can cause bumps and discomfort - fungal infections, allergic reactions, eczema, etc. Herpes doesn't cause bumps, it causes blisters. It's a very important difference.

I just noticed, and should have before, in your original post, you said "I think had sex for like 10-20 secs unprotected" - do you not know if you had sex? Could maybe all this worry be for nothing?
It was a drunk night but I remember and I freaked out because of the no condom use for low time of a minute or two of sex or less before I stopped.  That’s all I’m just scared of catching something .. doctor said it looks like irritation because he said by now I would have blisters and what not.
Only thing is my penis does hurt or sting with redness on the glans   but that’s it..

Been using the zinic ointment on glans and shaft
Now idk if it’s working or not but I’m guessing it is idk what else to put on it.

Thank you for more information
Keep following the doctor's instructions.

When did this encounter happen? When did the bumps appear - how long after the encounter?
This happen on the 9th of this month and they appeared like 2-3 days ago the burning of the tip and discomfort  & reddish glans like mid last week but I had some bumps appear like multiple  on my shaft that where big but then in a couple of hours it went away very fast like it’s gone.
Sorry to be correct not the 9th the 16th  .
Update full panel std test including hsv came back negative
Thank you all for everything
Congrats! Thanks for the update - that always helps other readers who will see this, and it's appreciated!

Take care :)
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