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Genital Wart or Skin Tag?

I haven't been sexually active for two years.  I've always have normal pap tests.
The last pap was in September and it was normal.  This past year, I've been having tons of skin tags on my neck, one under my eye, and one by my anus ( a dermatologist confirmed it was a skin tag).  I was taking a shower about a week ago and while cleaning myself I felt a skin tag.  I thought it was a weird place to have a skin tag, so I've been researching it and now on websites, the research has me scared to death that I have genital warts. It is above my clit area.  It is the coor of my skin and doesn't hurt or itch.  I would have never known I had it until I felt it.  
I've been freaking out over this, so I decided to make an appointment with Planned Parenthood and I'm still waiting for an appointment from their online system.  What are your thoughts about this? Thank you!
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going for a proper exam is the best thing you can do.

stop back and let us know how the appointment went!

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  I will for sure xoxo

Thanks for your support!
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Doing research on genital warts vs. skin tags can become confusing because of all the information out there.  Some articles sometimes are a bit different from others.  I think that is why I've been stressing out about this. For instance, some articles will say that genital warts form in clusters.  Well, mine is only 1 that looks like a skin tag and nothing of what the photos of genital warts look like.  Then I read other articles that say that a skin tag could be a genital wart because sometimes it can look different without pain and it doesn't have to form in clusters.  So, I wanted to research exactly the stages of genital warts to see if I have it before going to the doctor.  Still, all the information is confusing me.  I must stop reading this stuff or I'm going to drive myself crazy.  For one, the size of my tag hasn't changed from last week. It doesn't hurt.  So, I'm going to believe its a skin tag until the nurse says other wise for my appointment.
Sorry about all this, I have been frustrated figuring out what I have when I am not able to just reach down to look at myself and the mirror doesn't help cause I need a microscope. LOL
Have a great night!
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sometimes the best thing you can do is to put away the mirror and flashlight and turn off the computer!! both warts and skin tags won't change much regardless of how often you look at them.  

have you had your gardasil shots?

when is your appointment?
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I'm too old for Gardasil shots. I'll be 30 this year.
My appointment is on Thursday and I explained the situation to the administrator.
I just can't wait to be checked so I can stop thinking about it.  I hope everything is okay.
I need prayers!
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I was diagnosed with high risk hpv(severe cell abnormalities) and a genital wart in 2004. My "bump" was very small...and it itched. Most docs will do an in office procedure to check the spot.
Weeks after my hpv diagnosis, the Gardasil shot was released. Just my luck. I am now 30. I paid cash for the injections. I asked the doc about getting it for years...finally she just agreed. They were not cheap(insurance would not cover at my age)...It may never protect me, as I probably already have the strains in my DNA...but I did it for peace of mind knowing that I did everything I could. So ask about Gardasil!  I am very PRO-Gardasil!
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