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Genital Warts - Still after 12 months of treatment!


I began treatment for HPV exactly 12 months ago. I had one larger wart on the right side of the shaft of my penis, sort of where the hair ends. This particular one was a slightly raised lump of grey skin, not cauliflower in appearence. I also had a cluster of 3-6 very small warts on the left side of my penis, again near to where the hair ends.

I first went to the GUM clinic in June 2006, the warts had probably been there about 4-6 months before I went, due to a combination of embarrasment/nerves/disgust and a hope that they would go away of their own accord.  

I visited the GUM clinic and they confirmed it was HPV so I was given Warticon. I used this for 4 weeks, no change to the warts at all. The Doctor therefore told me to try another 4 weeks on the Warticon, again no effect whatsoever.

The doctor then prescribed Aldara cream. Again after 4 weeks there was still no change to the warts. I think I then did about a further 12 weeks on the aldara at the request of the doctor, with appointments after every 4 week stint. Again no change.

As neither the aldara nor the warticon had worked I then did the cryo (freezing) treatmnent. This seemed to work very well, the warts literally turned a very dark grey colour and they came off, although at first this was rather sensitive and painfull.

I had roughly 5-8 cryo treatments, the first few being on a weekly basis, then with a couple of weeks in between.

However 10 weeks after the final cryo treatment I noticed the larger wart on the right hand side starting to come back. Again it was like a small grey lump with a smooth surface. I went back to the GUM clinic and another doctor gave me the warticon again, I have used this for the last 4 weeks and it has had no effect, the wart is growing again. Although I do not think the smaller cluster on the right side is coming back.

What is really depressing me about all this at the moment is that the last doctor I saw told me that it can take upto 3 years to get rid of HPV. I've tried 3 different treatments now and I still have the HPV. What I cant understand is why in this day and age is it so difficult to get rid of this problem.

I really hope someone can help as I dont want to waste any more time worrying about this!

Many thanks,
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They certainly aren't pretty but they are just a cosmetic concern and not a health risk.  If after a year of treatment and you aren't getting lasting results I'd ask for a consult to someplace else to discuss other options.  I know some folks even end up getting interferon treatments to be rid of them even though it's not really a recommended treatment any more.  Also be sure to ask about cimetidine along with your topical treatments - it's useful about 30% of the time which isn't the best of odds but it's cheap though taking it 4 times a day is annoying ( but at least you can tell folks you have acid reflux to cover it ).  Also if you smoke - stop.

I hope these clear up soon - I"m sure it's annoying as all get out having them there and having to go for treatment so many times :(

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Thanks for the reply Grace.

I am going to try the warticon for another 4 weeks, if no change then I will make an appt with another clinic. I'll be sure to ask about these 2 treatments.

I have looked up Cimetidine, it doesnt say it is for treatment of HPV, it does mention Reflux as you said. Can you tell me a bit more about this treatment. Thanks.

Also since beginning treatment for the HPV I have been with the same partner. She is aware of my problem and we use condoms, however due to the position of the warts I cant be certain that the comdom covers the area. Again she is aware of this and she regularly checks herself, is she likely to get HPV eventually or can we do anything more (other than absitance) to prevent her from getting it.

Again many thaniks for your help.
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chances are good she also has it and is just lucky enough not to get getting obvious warts thru it all.  I'd still keep taking the precautions are you are just in case since there isn't any easy way to determine if she has the same type of hpv or not.  Is the hpv vaccine available in the UK yet?

I was looking for the study on hpv and cimetidine on pubmed where I read it before but I'm not finding it now  ( the one that showed a 30% rate of success )    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=pubmed&cmd=Retrieve&dopt=AbstractPlus&list_uids=14693487&query_hl=1&itool=pubmed_docsum  is one I found easily though your eyes will probably glaze over like mine did over the technical parts of it ( I'm sure the full article is a cure for insomnia...he he he )   Lots of other info out there on cimetidine and it's effects on the immune system to look at too.  My theory always is - unless you are on a medication that interacts with it - why not try it and if nothing else you'll have 3 months of no heartburn :)

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Thanks again Grace,

Will my local GUM clinic supply this Cimetidine then? Or will I have to visit my GP?

Sorry to be a pain!
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it's otc here in the US - not sure about over your way. Just ask the pharmacist at your local drug store and they can tell you :)

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Have you ever tried a pill that is called viralfree? Viralfree isnt a cure for HPV but it helps the immune system to fight off the infection naturally, it seems to me the reason why the warts wouldnt go away because your immune system was suppressed meaning going under stress and usually the HPV infection shows up in a suppressed immune system. So try not to stress and eat healthy to try to build the immune system up and if that doesnt work try Viralfree just visit the website i think one bottle cost $36 just take them until the warts are completely gone but know that HPV can also be dormant and the only way to tell if it is completely gone is to get an test done
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After everyting i used before (include aldara), i decided to try Viralfree (it only cost 40$ anywai), and even after only one week you can already see the skin (only on the warts area) peel off by itself, and MsNewBooty09 is totally right that you have to help yourself too, being active is a good way to reduce stress and eliminate toxines, do it for yourself and please dont smoke!
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