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Genital warts?

Hi, I am sexually active but I only had sexual activities with my current gf and I'm her first also. We dont do intercourse but only oral and foreplay. Today, I noticed a fleshy bump on my foreskin, just one bump. It looks like a wart or a skin bump. Not painful, itchy or anything just a bump. We started doing sexual things about a year ago. Ever since, today was the only day I saw a bump in my foreskin. I'm really scared if this is Genital warts. Please help me
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Hi, oral sex can transmit hpv. Please go see a doctor and get is diagnosed.
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I uploaded a picture of it please see?
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I uploaded a picture. Please see!! Help me
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If you are each other's firsts for everything, including oral sex, then you can't have HPV.

We don't look at pics because we aren't doctors and can't diagnose, and lots of things can cause bumps and lumps on the penis.

It would be unusual to have just 1 wart. You can get skin tags on your foreskin, which can look like genital warts. Your best bet would be to get this checked by a doctor, who can remove it and biopsy it.
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