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Ghonorrhea/Chlamydia/UTI testing & treatment


I apparently caught a yet identified STI after being exposed one time via unprotected oral and protected vaginal.   No discharge really, but besides the burning pain I am most concerned about the constant low grade fever.  

Has anyone out there who has ever been infected with a UTI or STI felt like this? My urine test of ghono/chlamydia at 2 weeks was negative but I still have symptoms, getting retested.      I am worried about co infection with some type of virus.  

Would a culture show Ghonorrhea/Chlamydia, or are those only picked up through urine tests specifically for Ghonorrhea/Chlamydia.    Any idea how reliable those urine tests are?   I learned you are not supposed to pee for a certain amount of time before you go in, and I was at the cutoff mark, so I am thinking my initial Ghono/Chlamydia results may be inaccurate.  Would a urine culture or test show trichomoniasis or syphillis also do you think an STI can cause these types of low grade fever or does that mean a virus?  

I know my exposure was low risk but I am scared because I know when you have caught something that your chances of having another infection go up.  

These were not my normal behaviors, I feel like such a fool. Did I throw it all away? Unbelievable.
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The urine test will be reliable to determine if you had chlamydia and they usually do a swab of the tip of the penis to check for gonorrhea. Try not to check the whole Internet for advice as there's a lot of false information out there. Stick to this site and read some if the doctors forums for acurate good advice. The clear discharge that you once found sounds pretty normal as a one off. It's quite common for men to have a slight discharge of seminal fluid first thing in the morning from time to time. Did you have a look at that STD risk calculator I mentioned? I think you need to get tested again for your own peace of mind but I'm confident you don't have any STDs.
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I can tell from the question that you're highly anxious about all this and that in itself cause you to put none specific symptoms together and come out with the wrong conclusion. The urine tests are very accurate and you should believe these results even if you were at the cut off point like you said. When you say there is no discharge really what do you mean? Are you constantly squeezing and checking? If you've read any of the doctors forums you'll know that oral sex, especially recieving is pretty safe. I think your anxiety over a very low risk exposure is getting the better of you. A low grade fever could be just that and not related to any STD at all. Try checking the online STD risk calculator to give you some real perspective of your risk relating to this event.
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Thank you for the response.  I am quite anxious about this, very true, but happy that I am at least feeling better.  I read somewhere online that the urine culture will not show if it is Ghonorrhea or Chlamydia.   I did notice something like discharge once upon waking.  It was clear and looked like pre ejaculatory seminal fluid, but I do not remember being aroused.  I do not constantly check and squeeze the glans, yet I did notice a few times after I urinated there seemed to be a little of this 'fluid' residue inside the urethra. I think this was coming from my inflammed prostate. I read about the risks for receiving being low but most of my symptoms started shortly after that encounter.  Some of these symptoms I have never experienced before, so I am hoping to continue improvement with the abx and wait to see what I hear back on retests.
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have you been to your provider for an exam that included a manual exam of the prostate?

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Std calculator said I have 100% chance of not having HIV or genital herpes, but I am still concerned due to ongoing symptoms and wish to have further testing done.   Urine test at 2 weeks for Ghono/Chlamdia was negative.  All tests at 4 week mark were also negative.  At that time provider did perform a DRE and then I gave urine sample for culture, but at that point I had been on antibiotics for a couple days.    

I am concerned about finishing 4 week abx regimen due to some developing side effects.  I learned Cipro is not preferred to treat Trichomoniasis, which is apparently more common than chlamydia and easy to spread.   I still have intermittent urethral irritation upon urination and low grade fever and some other symptoms (like flank pain) that I will ask provider to investigate further.  
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oral sex isn't a real risk for hiv. it is a risk for contracting hsv1 genitally.

continue to follow up with your provider as needed. stop back and update the post as you get better answers as to what is going on :)
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Just stopping in to update.   I got my results - HIV1 PCR and HIV 1/2 ab rapid oral test, both were negative, 49 days post exposure.  I am waiting on some other results & will have some other tests repeated and keep you posted.    
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