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Ginital warts

I'm 24 yrs old heterosexual male, I had my first and till now last sex four months ago, it was a vaginal  with a condom but four 3 times without, I *** once inside with out condom!. 3 months later I got tested for HIV 1 and 2, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Hep B and Hep C, they all came back negative.
The problem is 2 months after the sex I noticed small spots all over my pennies shaft which from time to time get a very tiny and difficult to see heads, so I went to Gum to check them, the nurse said I've been working her for 8 years and I can assure u that these are normal glands, not convinced with what she said I went to the same Gum again 1 month after these spots appear and another nurse checked me and said these are normal and they can't be Genital warts.
I'm still worried cuz I never had such a thing on my pennies and every time I look at them I get more worried although they didn't get worst for two months now.
My Questions
Could this be Genital warts and if not as the 2 nurses said. Y I had these spots and y I had them 2 months after unprotected sex the exact period for Genital warts to appear?!!?
I've asked this question to the nurses but they had no answer just repeating these are normal.
I'm quite sure that there is a link between the sex and these spots.
I had these spots for two months now and according to the pictures I saw in the net they are very similar to fodryce spots, painless and not itching. What do u think these are and do u think I will get red of them or not?
I'm very worried that they could be genital warts as I know genital warts symptoms differ from case to case and some times they have no symptoms at all. Is that right?
Do I have to see a Doctor (not a nurse) again?
Thank u so much ur advice will be very much appreciated.
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Fordyce spots are not uncommon, and if 2 nurses said that is what you have, it would be very hard for someone who's never seen them to contradict what they said.  

There's no male test for HPV so the visual inspection is as good as you can hope for.

It is true that warts can look different, and not all HPV strains produce warts (most do not).

Is it possible you've only been examining yourself much more closely after your exposure?  I try not to discount anyone's symptoms, but I really can't take a better guess than to say I'd bet your two nurses were right.
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thank u so much
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