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Glans: red colour (like rash), raised meatus, wrinkles

Hi there,

A few weeks ago I noticed a slight reddening of my glans on only one side (as well as a small raised patch the size of a pinky nail). The upper side of the glans was also red. Doc prescribed fucidin, and it seems to help a little bit after 5 days. However, a week after stopping fucidin it came back but on the other side, and I'm now also noticing that the urethral opening/meatus is slightly red and raised (but not significantly...could just be in my mind). Another doc told me to keep using fucidin but after 7 more days, the red/raised part seems gone but the glans is still redder than before. The glans has also now become dry and wrinkly with grooves, which remains regardless of erection/flaccid (I'm uncircumcised). A couple times a day I also get some very mild pain/burning near the glans that lasts for a couple of seconds - there's no discharge, change in urination pattern, burning while urinating,  In terms of sexual history I started having unprotected sex with girlfriend a few months ago, but we were both virgins before...

What do you guys think this could be?? Perhaps something fungal since the redness/wrinkles are still there even after using fucidin?
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