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Gonnorhea without typical symptoms?

So just a couple of questions. What is the likelihood a male could have  gonnorhea  and not have any of the typical symptoms? Also if you did have it would abnormalities show up in a dipstick UA (I know it doesn’t test for that specifically)? Would abnormalities show up in just a regular blood count test? AuntJessie?? Just gathering information. Thanks to the community.
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I can't find anything with really current estimates, but an older stat (2006) says that 10-15% of men won't get symptoms of gonorrhea, and 80% of women won't. I don't know how accurate that is, but it sounds about right.

You might have white blood cells in a dipstick urine test if you had gonorrhea, but that's not the best way to test for STDs. Nothing would show up in a regular blood count test.

The other aspect that you didn't ask about but is relevant to you is how long a man would go without symptoms. You received oral sex last year, so I'm assuming this was at least a year or so ago. It would be very unlikely that you'd go this long with no symptoms.

I sense that you aren't going to be able to move beyond this. You can get this test on your own, but you'll have to self-pay - https://www.stdcheck.com/gonorrhea-test.php (If you aren't in the US, let me know - I know of some similar places in other countries.)

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Well the event happened over a year ago and then I was treated for h pylori. So I would think the heavy antibiotics I was on would of taken care of it then, but wondering if I may have gotten it again at a later date.

Was more thinking about initial doctors visits when I had those test (urine and blood) the doctor told me there was nothing that would lead him to suspect sti so he didn’t test me. So that is where my questions were coming from.
Gonorrhea is resistant to a lot of antibiotics right now, and has very specific treatment guidelines. The antibiotics you took for h pylori may not have cured gonorrhea, IF you had it.

Chances are really good that you didn't, though. Getting a test done would eliminate all your worries, though, and let you move on.
Again thanks for your response. Truly a busy time for me right now, so trying to find time to get in and test. So my mind has been wondering and since my symptoms or issues are not always present it messes with me.
Listen - I get being busy, I really do. If you thought you had strep throat or bronchitis, would you find time to get to the doctor?

Using the link I gave you above, you just order the test, and find a lab and go pee in a cup. If it's negative, you're done. You can do it on a lunch hour and probably still have time left over, depending on where you are in relation to the lab.

Since it's messing with you, I have to say that your mental health is as important as your physical health. I'll spare you my full lecture on that, but really, just make the time to go test. I'd be really surprised if it's positive, and then you can put this behind you. If you still have symptoms after, you know it's not anxiety, and can work towards figuring that out.

OR I can go into my speech about taking care of yourself because you can't give what you don't have. I don't know if you have kids, or employees, or what, but I'm sure you have a job since you're so busy, and you can't do a good job if you're sick.

So yeah, I have other lectures if you need them. They all amount to the same thing - take care of yourself and your health. :)
I got ya and understand. Thanks!
Anytime :)
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