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Gonorrhea infection

Dear All
21st of February I had a sex with CSW in Bangkok, Thailand. I had a condom and it was not broken. She performed me oral sex without a condom. After 8 days, 28th of February, I had a burning sensation when I was urinating, next day it becomes worse, I checked in the morning and there was a tiny drop of white colour.  I start going crazy and was worried. In the same day, I got  Azithromycin 1 g and cefixime 400 mg single dose. Burning sensation reduced but not 100%. it comes time to time. after 5 days i still have little pain and in the morning i check and saw the white drop still. Yesterday, i contacted the girl and explained. she mentioned that she tested for HIV in December and was negative. But she has not done a test for STIs.  
1. Why my symptoms are still there?
2. How long it takes to stop the symptom?
3. Do I have a risk of HIV?
4. What should I do next? I am planning to do tests for all STIs on coming Friday

Please help me. Thank you so much

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I met a doctor and tested for gonorrhea . It was negative and treated me for chlamydia . Single dose . After few days it was okay. But one week later symptoms appear again. What i should do now ?
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