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Groin Itch - Rash? Jock Itch? Herpes?

Hi guys, I need some help. On March 9th, I messed around with a stranger who had cervical HPV (She is being treated). A lot of kissing and I received a brief 10 second blowjob. A week after our encounter, my groin area between scrotum and upper thigh meet, was very itchy. After 2 weeks of scratching like crazy, the area was red and one (1) red bump appeared. The bump was not crusty, no puss and I did not attempt to pop it, it simply itched like crazy. I found some left over desitin and applied it to the bump, I also stepped up my hygiene and showered twice a day and scrubbed with soap a lot; after 2 weeks of having the bump (total of a month with the condition) it finally went away. It did not crust, open, bleed or anything, it just slowly receeded.

I didnt go to the doctor thinking this was probably jock itch; but I'm thinking I should have gone in regardless.

On a side note, my hygiene back then sucked. I showered with only water, no soap. I wore the same underwear for a week without changing them and I often wore the same sleeping shorts for months without washing them.

With all this being said, what do you think I had? Was this herpes or something?
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From what I think bro, its due to lack of hygiene. Cause things can happen when you're poor on your hygiene and you have all those bacteria on you and whatnot. Esp. When you received blowjob, you'd get those bacteria on your groin. Plus, if it was herpes, then it would've spread and you would've mentioned it. But hey, get tested.
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I agree- Doesn't sound like herpies and maybe you should do some research on hpv. It's not just genital warts.
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Thank you for your input. Although, this is not a means of a 100% answer; however, I do feel better getting tested without fear. I would love a doctors input on this subject.

As for the HPV, I understand it very well and to be honest. I'm not worried about HPV, simply because it's eventually going to happen in a sexual active person's life. I probably already have it.
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I gave you my answer cause it wasn't based on my thoughts, it was based on my experience. I had this bump (swollen ish) on my dick, around da pubic hairs. My doc told me this was due to lack of hygiene. It went away after I wash my groin good :) juss sayin' haha
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From what you describe, jock itch is one possibility, although it most likely would not have cleared up by itself. You might have also had a yeast infection – another type of fungal skin infection that can cause similar symptoms. Since you did have a sexual encounter without protection, you should really be tested for an STD; in any event, it is best to have a doctor evaluate any type of penis problem to determine what type of treatment is needed. In the meantime, you can help prevent further problems by showering regularly, wearing clean, loose-fitting clothing, and applying a penis vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to promote healthy, smooth penis skin.

Best to you,
Alex, PhD
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