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Groin lump/chlamydia antibodies

My previous partner advised me he tested positive for chlamydia and that I should get tested, neither of us experienced any symptoms.  I’m pretty sure he contracted it from receiving oral sex bc he said he used a condom with the other person(a prostiute nonetheless).  It had been 2 months since we had sex. I was tested by my gyno but the culture came back negative and the blood work only showed existing chlamydia antibodies.  I had it once 12 years prior and was successfully treated for it.  So my question is how long do antibodies show up on blood work and is this proof that I contracted chlamydia from my partner??  My doctor still gave me a treatment anyway just to be sure.  However, one or two weeks after I discovered a lump on my groin area slightly darker in color of skin.  I assume it may be an ingrown hair or abscess but it hasn’t gone away and I discovered another smaller lump maybe two weeks after but no change in skin tone on that one.  They are painless and only bothersome when poked at when examining myself and do not itch or seem to grow.  Would that be a side effect of the chlamydia even though I already received the treatment? It has been 6 weeks since being treated.  I made an appointment to see the doctor and want to be retested for everything as I’m worried it could be syphllis or something worse(considering the possible source of the infection).   But if I am tested I think the antibodies would still show up and I won’t know for sure if it is chlamydia or need to go to a dermotologist or other doctor. Since my doctor only did blood work & culture would a urine test also help in determining something else?

Could syphllis be a possibility as maybe it was too early to show up on the previous test?  How would I know if the antibodies are from now or from when I was infected 12 years ago?
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I did not even know that there is a blood test for Chlamydia. For women, AFAIK, swabbing the vagina is a more sensitive test as compared to testing the urine. In any case, you said that you got medicine from the doc ? Antibiotics? It should have treated your infection, even if you had Chlamydia. Antibodies don't disappear from our bodies once they are built. It's true for diseases in general. Tests are Syphilis are considered conclusive by experts in 6 weeks after the last exposure. You should get your 'bumps' seen by your doctor first, and if she isn't sure what they are, see a dermatologist.
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