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Group risk?

Heya all, just a quickie!!

Met up with two other blokes last night. Mutual masturbation occured between all 3 of. No oral sex was performed on me at all.

One of the blokes rimmed and fingered the other bloke. That stopped and mutual masturbation started between 3 if us again.

The bloke who rimmed/fingered other bloke then fingered me (no rimming at all, and only about 20 to 30 seconds max).

I then left.

Is this a risk for anything?
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I will just add, im pretty sure that realistically, I am not at risk of anything but im just after reassurance! (AJ, if you're about!)
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Hey there - you're right, no risk for anything. Fingering doesn't transmit STDs.
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Is that the same answer if, after he fingered the other bloke, he masturbated me and put his finger on my urethra?
Yep, that's the same answer. :)
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