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HELP! Can Trich be misdiagnosed as BV

am 23 years old been with the same sexual partner for the past 4 years and recently engaged. For the past 6 months i had been experiencing  vaginal itching, discharge, pain during and after  intercourse. Every time i went to see my GYNO she would check me tell me am healthy! and every other month I was back in her office, she told me once I didn't have enough yeast to do a test but prescribed me cream. It worked for a week and symptoms came back. Over the past months i developed a new symptom of fish odor which lead me into her office and she did a pap told me I had BV. She told me my body created too much yeast gave me pills for a week. I took the pills felt great until a week later and after intercourse I felt horrible again. I decided to go to a new doctor turns out he says i have Trich.

Now during my pap in october I was negative for Trich, but my symptoms have always been the same even before him diagnosing me with trich except for fish odor I dont have that anymore, and with my other doctor i was negative. Its only  one month apart both pap tests and my Fiance swears he never cheated on me. He will be going to a doctor to get tested, i read so many threads of females being positive but their partners being negative.. Am wondering maybe am being misdiagnosed and I have Bv again and its not Trich

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Tough to say, not sure if you will be able to figure this out. Sorry
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