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HELP! Persistent Vulvovaginitis even though all tests are NEGATIVE

After an indiscretion April 2nd. I developed a yeast infection. I visited a public clinic and I tested negative for all STDs and was given diflucan for the yeast. Then 6 weeks later after having uprotected sex with my partner I started to have extreme lower right abdominal pain that sent me to the hospital. The hospital ran a urine culture which was negative and sent me home with pain meds. I began to develop yeast symptoms again, and my partner had penile irritation.  We took Diflucan and we stopped having sex. The symptoms just continued to worsen for both of us. After visiting our physician, two weeks later we were both diagnosed with chlamydia, and I additionally with U. Parvum.

We were both treated With 1g of azythromycin. His symptoms cleared up completely. I was treated with both 1g Azythromycin and 7-day Doxycycline. I had no relief. Three weeks later I had the same symptoms. I tried to live normally but the symptoms were almost unbearable. Itching, swelling, strange milky and then curd like discharge, bleeding between my period. I hadn't had sex, the only thing I did was go to the beach.

After a month I returned to the doctor and was tested again. We both tested negative for chlamydia and my fungal, BV, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, Syphilis, Hep A-C, etc. And all came back negative.

I was given a bucket load of probiotics and ovules that have not helped at all. A month after all tests were negative, I went back to the clinic and was tested for everything again. All tests still show negative.

I am still suffering everything from abdominal pain to abnormal discharge, and everything associated with vulvovaginitis. My partner is completely fine. We went almost 3 months without sex so reinfection is impossible. All of our tests are negative and the doctor dismissed lichen sclerosus. I am also NOT pregnant.

It's been 4 months since all this began with my last testing being this week.

I feel like I have been tested for almost every likely thing on the planet. Is there something they may have missed? I can't seem to figure out how to ask an expert here. As I mentioned I have seen several doctors and had nearly every test on the planet, and no one knows whats up. I am sick and tired of these ovules and creams that do nothing to help. I have even done the sitz baths with no relief. I spent the first 3 months worried to death I had HIV, and of course that was unwarranted. Now I am just depressed. I can't wake up or go to sleep without feeling completed miserable. It's like my body isn't my own anymore

Any info would be appreciated.

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Hi. Did they do a pelvic ultrasound?  Is there an unbearable  vaginal itchiness? Have they taken a pap smear?  Did they check for appendicitis? Did you take all antibiotics as prescribed?  Did you miss a few doses or did you stop taking them when you felt better?
If they didn't do other tests like blood count...other blood tests you need to mention that during your next appointment that you should make as soon as possible. To at least ease your worry.  Write a list with all questions and concerns you have. So that when you see your doc next. You will have it on paper so you won't forget to ask about certain things.  I do it all the time. Even if doc thinks it's weird. I don't care as I will do all I can to be one step ahead.  Let me know the worst of the worst of how your vagina feels ie: burning. Pain and locations....how long it has been going on since this last time. Ok.
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I took all medicines as diagnosed. I have had a pap, and vaginal ultrasound, I have had general CBC and hormone tests. My symptoms are burning, inflammation, itching.  It's like having  constant yeast infection except there is no yeast. I thought maybe cytolytic Vaginosis but the baking soda sitz baths don't help either. I always write down my concerns or questions. Lately they've just been as clueless as I am. The barely look at my list of research. I'm pretty miserable. Maybe I deserve it. But I am ready for this to be over. Its been over 4 months of suffering. All tests are coming up clean. But  am still extremely irritated. And to be safe I was tested with 2 totally different facilities to be sure of the results
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Hey! I'm sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. Did you test for herpes?
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Yes. It isn't herpes
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