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HIV, SYPHILIS, HEPATITIS testing results?

I have done HIV (DUO TEST), syphilis, hepatitis A, B, C, gonorrhea and chlamydia  testing after 24 days of unprotected exposure, all test are advanced generation,  how reliable will be the results for all these, I will go for HIV testing after 3 months again but do I need to go for Syphilis and hepatitis testing agian???

Also my penis and testicles are little itchy from past 10 days and some pain in the dick head (only sometime not all the time), I am walking a lot these 15 km daily and summers are just around the corner. can it be friction?? or fungal infection or something else, I used antifungal remedies that I used in the past but not working anymore.????
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anyone pleaase advise
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