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HIV Infection?

I had unprotected sex with another male that I do not know their HIV status.   I was in the insertive  (top) role and only for about 1 minute.   10 days later I developed all the symptoms of ARS except the rash and no mouth sores.

I was certain I was infected at this point and had a cobo 4th generation test done at 20 days, which came back negative.   I also had a rapid antibody test at 25 days which was also negative.  

I am still very worried because the doctor told me I still have to be concerned because I will have to be retested at a later time as well.   He did not reassure me much and therefore I am in a lot of distress still.

Seeing I had ARS symptoms at only 10 days then shouldn't the antigens have showed up at least on the test at this time?   Also, the antibody test was done 15 days after the onset of symptoms so shouldn't antibodies have shown up at this time as I heard you will have antibodies already when you have ARS and I am thinking 15 days after the onset the antibodies should be showing up, if I do have an infection?
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Hi, it would be best to post this in the hiv prevention forum.
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