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HIV/STI Risk from Sensual Massage

Hi! A few days ago I stupidly went for a massage at an Asian Massage Parlour.
The masseuse gave me a back massage and then a body to body massage while I was lying on my back. There was about a minute of unprotected genital to genital contact (her vagina onto my penis), and then she gave me a hand-job to finish.
There was no penetration at all throughout the massage.
I did not touch her vagina at all, although I did feel her breasts.
(I should point out that I was freshly groomed, so there may have been some broken skin around my penis area).

I am really anxious and would really appreciate any help.

A) Was I at risk of acquiring HIV?
B) Was I at risk of any other STI's?
C) Do I need to get tested, and if so, when?
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1. zero risk
2. low risk for herpes and syphilis genital to genital rubbing contact.
3. only if you get sores around your genital area a few weeks later or if you have a long term partner.
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