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HIV? The Clap? Something else?

Hi all.

I cannot believe my stupidity.

On a night out with 'the lads' I met a girl (I don't know who she is, I don't have her number and she is from a City, over 100 miles away from mine). We had unprotected vaginal sex... Afterwards, I jokingly asked whether she had HIV, and she said 'No - I had a test 2 weeks ago'

...I left her hotel thinking...'why would she need to test for that...2 weeks ago???'

So 12 days after exposure I went for tests (swab, urine, blood).

The clinician said that she didn't think I had gonorrhoea, but due to the amount of 'pus cells' they discovered, they gave me a dose of (4 tables) to combat NSU/NGU/Chlamydia.

I'm a married man with children, and I did something similarly ridiculous like this circa 12 months ago (albeit protected sex) - fortunately it seems like I 'dodged a bullet' on that occasion... There is nothing wrong with my marriage and I had never done anything like that and as I type this email, I am shaking my head - asking myself WHY WHY WHY would I do something like that again?...

My current symptoms are as follows:

- Sore throat & swollen-ish glands
- Neck ache
- Lower back & leg & buttock pain
- Left side of my groin feels swollen (clinician said I shouldn't worry, but I'm not convinced)
- Spot/lump in my groin - no ooze, no blister (same side as swollen groin)
- Spot in my pubic region, above my penis (clinician said this was an ingrown hair)
- Strange tingling in knee joints and feet
- Slight headache (I appreciate this could be due to the stress of the situation)

No - individually, I'd look at these things and say; tiredness, stress from work, pain from the gym...but they are all happening at the same time.

I am planning on taking an HIV and Herpes test in 3 months time - but in the mean time it is going to be virtually impossible not to sleep with my wife without raising alarm bells.

Do my symptoms sound like Herpes, Syphilis or HIV?

What can I do in this predicament?

Please help!!
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I am going through the same, I did the most stupidity decision ever. I had and still have some of the same symptoms you had. Did you ever found that what it was?
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