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HIV Transmission with Menstrual Blood or Urine

I had a session with a sex worker. The room was air conditioned (around 20 C) and slightly dark. I have a tight foreskin (exposure of urethral meatus). She gave me a Handjob without a condom, no sexual intercourse. I kissed her neck, cheeks and lips (no wounds or cuts) for several times.  I sucked her breast (no wounds or cuts) smoothly, but nothing came into my mouth since she does not have children for breast feeding. She put down her pants to show her butt. I noticed menstrual blood on her panties. She was in her menstrual period. I touched her butt. She applied a cream on my penis and all over the body. While performing the handjob, suddenly she went out from the room and came back after few minutes. I did not know the reason. I believed she went out from the room to pass urine or to change her panties since that was her menstrual period. I have an ulcer (1 month old) in the first toe of the left leg. I do not have any wounds or cuts in genital areas. She finished the handjob after coming to room again. She touched following areas after coming back to the room.
1. area between scrotum and anus
2. thighs
After finishing the handjob, she massaged my entire left leg (including the first toe). I am worried if she had touched her menstrual blood or urine to clean it before or while our session, then assuming blood or urine in her hand she touched my penis and ulcer. I didn't notice blood/urine on my penis/ulcer or any part of my body.

Am I at risk ?
Please explain the situation.

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I think you're fine, but I recommend going to a free hiv clinic in your area. Most cases, a month window is fine as HIV detection technology advances. Urine at least to my knowledge doens't have enough concentration to carry HIV. I'm not too entirely sure. ou might need to research that.

I do advise to get tested. None of us are doctors and the tests are free.

There are other diseases to be worried about to that are skin to skin. So be be careful should you decide to visit another worker.

Hoping the best for you.
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