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HIV and other STIs from massage bed

Hi, I'd like to ask a question regarding possible exposure. About 6 days ago I went for a massage. The massage parlour was also known for providing handjob that I found out during the massage. I declined the service and just asked for a normal massage. My concern is, I was massaged in the nude and I was laying face down on the massage bed for about 40 minutes. I touched the bed before I used it and it seemed dry. But after the massage I was worried what if minutes before me, there was a customer who ejaculated on the bed, and while I was laying down with my penis touching the bed, my penis could have absorbed the remaining semen through urethra or head of my penis.
My questions are:
1. What is the risk of contracting hiv from that encounter? There was no sex, no handjob whatsoever. Just a massage where I was naked and laying face down with penis touching the bed.
2. What about any other stds such as herpes,gonorrhoea, etc?
3. 3 days after the encounter I feel strange sensation on the head of my penis. It isn't hurt or sore, and I urinate normally. Just weird sensation like occasional mild stinging sensation several times jn a day. And I have no visible rash. Just normal looking dry skin on penis head (I am not circumcised, but foreskin is always retracted. It's been like this for more than two years). Possible std?

Anyway sorry for asking so many questions. Any respond is appreciated
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1, 2): no risk. Pathogens do not survive so long outside an environment. And there is no case reported based on your exposure.
3) symptoms do not appear so soon, assuming u contracted stds. So we can rule stds out. If you are very concerned, go get tested at the appropriate time for a peace of mind.
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Thank you for the response. I'd have to admit that I have anxiety too... Sometimes, my anxiety gets the better of me. Anyway, I'll try to move on from it. Once again, thank you
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