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HIV symptoms ?

I am 24 years old. I had a very risky sexual contact 9 weeks ago. I had a sex with a man I don't know. I just met him in a disco and I was really drunk. I don't quite remember much but I think I had a condom on. Not sure.
I began to feel quite not ok in the end of January ( 5 weeks after exposure). I had a temperature of around 37 C and a sore throat. I also had some pain in my groins. I got scared so I went on the 6th week to make a test. The test was negative. Then I felt ok for one week. However, I started to feel bad again. Again 37 temperature. This time I had running nose and cough. It was like this around one week. I stopped coughing. But I am feeling bad since then. I have sore throat for 2 weeks now. I have muscle pain in my legs. I have pain in my chest when I eat. I still have the pain in the groins from time to time. My feet feels cold. I also experience headache especially on the back of my head. I am really scared. I made test (test for antibodies) again after the 8th week. It was negative again. But I am living in hell now. I think about HIV all the time.
I read a lot about symptoms of HIV on the internet ever since the exposure. My main question is : Is this a very possible to be HIV ?
Thank you in advance
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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if you had a condom youdidn't have a risk

If you didn't have a condom you were at risk but you need to relax, although a risk it is considered a low risk as it was a one time encounter. your test at 9 weeks is a good indicator that you didn't get HIV but it isn't conclusive. You need to stop testing, stop googling and researching and relax. Stress and anxiety can cause these symptoms or a cold, flu can cause this. Most ppl who actually do get HIV don't even know it for years before they develop symptoms.

This is what you need to do, First Relax, second retest at the right time see below for testing time line only if your encounter was unprotected and since you have no idea it may be best just to get it done right

Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trick- 7 days post exposure
Syphilis- 6-8 weeks
HSV- 3 months
HIV- 3 months

Testing before is a good indicator but not conclusive.
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