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HIV symptoms.

I had earlier had a spyhilis test that came back postive. then the second test came back negative. I have been reading up that it could mean you have HIV/AIDs. But my test came up negative for HIV. But on the internet it says its takes up to 3 months for HIV to be detected. I have had a sore throat, diarhea, & there is a black spot on my gums. all these are symptoms of early HIV. I am so scared, i have 2 kids im 19 & married, with a whole life ahead of me. I got a tattoo from a friend that i got about a month ago, thats the only place i could have contracted it. This just cant be happening to me. Im a emotional & mental wreck. I just need some answers. & my doctor doesnt seem to care. What can i do? please some one help.
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Why were you having a syphilis test done?

When did you test for HIV?  At 4 weeks, an HIV test is about 90% accurate.

When you got the tattoo, how was it done?  Were new needles used?  

Actually, early HIV symptoms are vague, and your symptoms could be from many other things.

And not to freak you out more, but if clean needles weren't used, you should also test for hep b and hep c.

If you used clean needles, then you have nothing to worry about, ok?

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i had a spyhilis test bc it was my gyn was doing a complete checkup for the IUD. her needles were clean, but you never kno. I got a hep c test & it came back negative. I tested for HIV about a month after i had the tattoo. But i still dont understand why the first sphilis test was positive.
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For normal pepole the VDRL and RPR tests can give false positive result
Actualy these tests usally fives false positive result and at that time the HTPA test is to be done and if its negative its final ....
For HIV depends on the kind of test you had, if its antibodies as AJ said around 90% turns positive after 4 weeks
If it was HIV 1&2 antiboudies and P24 Ag.then after 4 weeks its around 98%
If its HIV1 BY PCR its around 97% after 4 weeks
For HBV the average to detect the infection is 4 weeks after exposure (from 1 : 9 weeks) and the test is HbSAg.
Wish that this helps

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I don't think you need any HIV DNA testing done.  They are expensive tests, and can produce false positives, and at most, will detect hiv maybe a week earlier.

I didn't mean the GYN's needles - I meant the needles you got the tattoo with.  

Hep C antibodies can take up to 6 months to develop, so you need to retest for that if the needles weren't new.


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Yes i meant the tattooist needles. they were packaged & she let me check them.
But i didnt check about the tattoo gun or ink. i didnt know if its possible to spread viriuses like that. But thank you for the replies, it has really started to put my mind at ease.
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Its possible, but not likely, to spread anything in the ink.  And I don't think you have to worry about the gun.

Was this done in a professional setting?  It sounds like it was.  She sounds like she knew what she was doing, which is a good thing.  :)

Since all this started because of a false positive on a syphilis, I don't think you have anything to worry about.  That can happen sometimes, for no apparent reason.  

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