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All my Pap smears have been negative for cancer, normal. But the last one shows up +hpv without risk for cancer. I had never seen HPV in my results before. Can HPV been transmitted from one person by Oral sex, from a penis the throat and then this throat to another penis and then genital HPV ? I had unprotected oral with a guy, no sex, but then I had sex with another person that I trust. Maybe I got HPV from the first guy, transmitted to the other guy penis and then he transfer to my genital area. Is this possible? Sorry , it’s embarrassi
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Okay, I'm a little confused.

So first, the incubation period for HPV (the time from infection to symptoms, or when you'd test positive on a test) can be several months, or years. Are you only looking at more recent partners?

Also, the guy you trust - are you in a relationship with him? If you are, how long has that been? It's possible he brought that into the relationship and didn't know. Most people with HPV don't get symptoms, so it's very possible that he didn't know he was putting you at risk of anything.

It is possible to get it orally, and if you then had sex with the guy you trust soon after, your scenario could make sense, in theory. I say soon after because if it was too long, you'd have antibodies to that HPV strain and probably wouldn't get it in another location.

Listen, like 90% of people will get HPV in their lifetimes. Most of the time, unless you only have had 1 sexual partner in your life, you won't know who you got it from because the incubation period is so tricky.

If these are your only 2 partners in your lifetime, then either your scenario is correct, or your guy you trust brought it to you unknowingly. You can still trust him - there's no test for men for HPV, and many don't have symptoms.

Does this help answer you?

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Thank you for your attention. Yes, I committed a mistake and cheated on him. I had the oral sex in October and now my HPV came +. But I’m not sure if my previous Pap smears were + and they only told me it had no risk for cancer. Can my partner have any type of problems because I have HPV ? I’m so regretted and upset. But I’m not sure if I really got HPV in October, I’m just dying inside. I am scared for HIV also but at 28 days  after the fact, I had the OralQuick HIV1/2 test and was negative. I m planning going now again to make sure. It was only oral without ejaculation, but I’m dying of guilty and sadness.
There's no risk for HIV with oral sex, and you tested negative. You don't need to test again for HIV.

How long have you been with your partner? Is it possible that he had it or you had it before you were together? That would be far more likely than the mouth to penis to vagina scenario.

I understand you feel guilty, but make sure that you are only feeling guilty for the correct things. Guilt doesn't equal risk. If you and your partner have been together for less than 2 years, and either of you have had other partners you've had sex with, it's more likely that's where the HPV came from.

In any case, if you've been having sex with him, he's already been exposed, even if he wasn't the one that gave it to you. Have either of you had the HPV vaccine? Did they tell you what strain you've tested positive for? Some strains are more likely to cause cancer than others.

We didn’t have the vaccine. It’s been many years together and my strain is the one not risky for cancer. I trust in him and I am guilty for the mistake on October. The only concern is why didn’t show up in previous Pap smear, and if he will be affected because of me. HIV was my biggest concern. I tested negative for Gonorrhea, chlamidia, everything, with 28 days after the exposure. But this screening didn’t say if I got HPV through oral sex and now I have genital HPV. Anyways, my biggest fear is the HIV because there is no way for me to tell my partner if something bad happened. And it was my first mistake and around 20 min of oral without ejaculation. Thanks again
The other thing is that it could be a false positive. If the test was a pap and HPV test together, it has a high rate of false positives. The way you are describing your encounter would be really unlikely for you to get HPV.


If you had a Pap-HPV combo test, it seems to increase the likelihood of false positives.

There is no risk for HIV from oral sex. You don't need to worry about that at all.
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