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HPV/Molluscum transmission

Hello. I'm male 31. My boyfriend has developed some skin color warts around the anus. They're a few, not painful, but apparently they've grown in size and number.

He saw a general doctor who said to go see and specialist and that he thought it was HPV or Molluscum. Most probably HPV in his opinion.

The appointment with the specialist is still some weeks away. If it's HPV, most probably I already got the virus too. (Although we've been separated for a few months. So maybe I don't. I've been considering getting the vaccine , but it's very expensive, so I don't think I will).

In the meantime he's been practicing oral sex on me. My question is,  can I practice oral sex on him safely? Can he penetrate me? Would it be advisable to use a condom in that case? (I know it's always advisable, but I mean for this specific situation, since we never used them before.).

Thank you very much.

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If it's only on his anus then that is where things need to stay away from.
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Please consider getting the HPV vaccine.  Especially for someone in your demographic.

It is always advisable to use a condom.  Genital warts or none.

I encourage you to continue reading through these forums.

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Thank you both. I'm sorry I unknowingly selected the best answer.

The vaccine here is really expensive. So I don't think I can afford it right now.

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