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HPV and aldara

I was tested for all STD's two weeks ago, all tests (including the HPV tests) were negative. I have several warts around the base of my penis and my doctor said that it looked like HPV.  I was given Aldara cream 3x a week and not my penis has open sores, dry skin and scabing.  Even though all the tests were negative the doctor give me a script for a herpes med because he said the sores looked like herpes.  I have not been with anyone in 7 weeks.  Could these sores be from the aldara or do I have herpes even after a negative test result?
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Aldara is not all that effective.....get them frozen off...asap.
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How long after the last time you had sex were you tested for herpes? How did they test you?

It's INCREDIBLY common to be misdiagnosed as having herpes when using aldara. It's very irritating to the skin.  If you had a type specific herpes igg blood test 3 months after the last time you had sex - I'd assume it was from the aldara and not herpes.

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Thanks for answering Grace. It was 6 weeks between the last time I had sex and the testing. The test was IgG >0.9 result.  I have no "internal" symptoms, no burnning, no puss, no problems urinating.  everything seems to be external, scaling, scabbing and some sores.  Everything seems to heal up between aldara use. the day after I use it is really bad and then the next day is better.  I skipped an extra day between treatments to see and that extra day seemed to be much better so I am assuming it is the aldara.  Which does by the way seem to be working.

Thanks again for your comments
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