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HPV from urine

Can you get HPV from touching urine and then fingering yourself?
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No.  You will never get HPV from anything apart from another human.  As another member told you, HPV does not survive outside of a human host.  It is transferred directly from human-to-human, not by a proxy such as a towel, clothing, or urine.

However, touching someone else's urine and then touching or fingering your genitals is not a good idea and subjects you to bacterial infections.  Wash your hands, don't touch someone else's urine, and don't share towels, because none of that is very sanitary.  However, none of that will give you HPV either.
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Totally agree, and I've already explained how you get HPV.

You will ONLY get HPV if your genital skin comes into contact with someone else's genital skin, unclothed, and there is rubbing. You may also get it orally from performing oral sex on someone with it.

Anything else is not possible.
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