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HPV question.

hey quick question
If you have HPV and you "clear" the virus, do the warts dissapear as well?
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Yes the warts would disappear.
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Okay, thanks so much.
The reason I ask is thus:
I've had genital warts for about a year now. My doctor is keeping an eye on it but he said to wait and see if they resolve on their own.
I had a bunch of small ones that seem to be dissappearing. Plus, the larger ones are smaller, there is less of them, and they keep falling off. Granted, some of them that fall off come back, but most stay gone.
Is this evidence that I am starting to clear this virus?
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Yes it does seem that your body is starting to fight it off.   I guess my question is, why would your doctor not want to speed that process?  I have seen some rather nasty looking pictures of Aldara while the treatment is in process, but in my mind it would be worth it to be cured faster.  Of course, that decision is up to you and your doctor.
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Well, he said that sometimes they clear up by themselves, and instead of rushing into painful, irritating treatments, it might be better to see what happens, and then discuss treatment options.
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