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HPV questions


i'm a 24 year old female recently diagnosed with genital warts and i've had them burnt off twice within the month.  The doctor recently prescribed/recommended I begin using ALDARA and i was wondering whether or not (in your opinion) the benefits outweight the risks of using the cream.  Also, i've read that in most people this goes away with time, how much time does it usually take to begin to diminish and also, I don't intend to start a family until i'm 28-30, what are my chances of passing HPV onto my unborn child during pregancy and/or delivery?

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i have read that internal warts left untreated 2 grow can be passed to a baby and be located in mouth and throat since fetus in amniotic fluid in ur belly!i have HPV high risk but from what i've read about warts best to have them removed and it is common for them to return after a first burning.i would have them eradicated!if u continue to use condoms and stay in a mutually monogomous relationship ur chances of passing STD's to child are low.Keep up with ur paps and std testing!Still possible to get HPV with condom use since it lives in skin areas all over the gential area but probability is greatly reduced with condoms.good idea for birth control along with condoms until marriage/child!
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I'm actually allergic to birth control, it was the start of a mess of skin problems i began having around 18.  Mostly dealing with skin rashes that went away only after i stopped taking the pill, and i was severly ill for the four hours i was on the patch.  

I'm currently with the person i intend on spending the rest of my life with, so having a monogomous partner isn't an issue.  We've been together about a year now and i only recently within the past month noticed the warts and went to have them removed immediately.  i'm hoping that within four years my body will have taken control of the virus and I'll be able to take all possible precatutions in not spreading this to my future children, but i would like to know what the precautions and chances still are.  

right now my main concern isn't with having children, it's with the aldara cream.  I'd like to know if the benefits outweigh the risks.  
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i would continue with the Aldara,u have to rid urself of these warts!these are only external correct?chances of passing to child nil if their on the outside and corrected i believe.there is a gal who posted awhile back that she has internal warts...owee!has 2 get them outta there!i have a very good diet.am taking a cardio class and am going to get my immune system back 2 tiptop shape.And u can do this 2!It is good u have a good partner...thats a rarity in these times it seems....aldara seems to b widely prescribed.....i would continue if u aren't having a reaction to it and if u r there are other medications that can b used!a very good website advised by the docs and Grace here is www.ashastd.org.Leading xperts on std's since 1914 and a wealth of information.they also have a forum and good knowledgeable moderator Fredo!
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i haven't started it yet.  i was just prescribed it yesterday after having a few spots burnt off.  So, i've been reading up an weighing my options on whether or not to start using it when everything's healed. and it sounds like people have some pretty nasty reactions and have seen some pretty serious hospital time.  have you had any experience with aldara?  

Up until a year and a half ago i was always in tip-top shape, it wasn't until recently that i've let my fitness begin to fall quite abit from where it used to be.  I need to work on getting back into shape.  Some of the aldara side effects though seem really really nasty.  like not being able to pee, or sit, or stand, or walk, trips to the er, surgeries to correct problems while on aldara.  I'd like to know how many of those issues were because of misuse of the product too though.  I guess i'll have to order one month's worth, see how it goes, and then move on from there.  

thanks ibizan:)
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2 easy to read others side effects and get scared....u will never know until u try it and if a bad reaction back 2 the drawing board!thank God i've never had warts but when i got dx'd with my high risk HPV i was so upset and read about both strains of this virus til i couldn't see straight!i've learned so much here from the docs forum and the ashastd.org.....i learn from others as well....give it a go and get those nasty things offa ur bod!keep me posted and ur very welcome!;))))))
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my only problem with wanting to know the side effects is that i'm allergic to birth control and i have extremely sensitive skin. maybe that just means it will work really well....

maybe... :)
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haha am i the girl with the internal warts you mention?

I had my colposcopy on Friday, and there were some internal warts, but not many! thank God!  so my doc didn't have any problems removing them.  She will test her biopsies for any specific hpv types.  She also told me, that since she removed all the internal and external warts that the viral load will drop significantly and there's a good chance my body will kick this things ***!  I don't understand why ur doc wants u on aldara if he is burning the warts off???  I had two treatments also, and mine are gone, and the internal ones have been cut off.  Make sure ur doc checks for internal warts also because they can be very dangerous if not treated promptly...

Good luck!
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hey madame X u blew ur anonymity u courageous soul!glad u had these things taken care of!R7st listen to this lady she knows the read deal on these things!!!:)))))Me...i'm and avid reader and the ashastd.org website is a good thing!
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Dangerous in what sort of way?  
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dangerous in that they can spread...they thrive in moist dark warm places and the longer they go unremoved can multiply makes it more difficult/painful for removal!
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