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HPV risk/cancer FROM ORAL SEX

iam very worried i have simple question pls
1- what are my chances of catching HPV oral from 10 seconds deep kissing and giving a woman fast oral sex(licking)?
2- Can Oral HPV be transmitted by grinding ? i mean can the virus enter the body from genitals but infect the throat?
3- if i caught an oral cancer causing hpv strain is it guaranteed  to develop cancer overtime?
i do have a kinda inflamed throat with redness and alot of small bumps been for a long time my doctor told me that its because of smoking but iam afraid because in my country they do not take STD into consideration unless i ask for it and there is a huge stigma here.
and yea iam negative for every other possible STD , thanks alot
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and yea btw she was a sex worker unfortunately
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1) the risk is thought to be around 20-40 percent chance per exposure but it’s not well studied on oral sex

2) the virus only enters where it made skin to skin contact. It won’t enter your throat and infect your genitals or vice versa. Although there is some interesting studies on HPV causing most cancers like breast and lung etc.

3) no, most infections clear in two years or less. Males seem to clear infections quicker. Chances even if you have a high risk strain that it will clear and will be no issue. Almost everyone in the world has or has had some form of HPV in there lives.
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one last question please
can i say that if hpv didnot touch my throat it cant infect it?
because i dont recall having any oral warts so either i dont have hpv or i do have a high risk strain that doesnot cause warts , so if hpv enters from any point inside the mouth can infect the throat?
i know stupid question but iam just worried thanks alot
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I am gonna say very low risk.
Practically there is no risk
Theoretically, it has risk. Ur mouth is still lined with mucous membrane
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Ok pls one very last question there is an uploaded picture in my profile does that white bump or lesion i dont know look lile hpv pls pls
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