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HPV warts


Last February I had a physical and after I showed my doctor a cluster of small, raised bumps on my penis he said I had HPV. He froze them with liquid nitrogen. A month later, I had more. Very small and painless, but there they were. Opting not to return to the doctor so as to save a bit of money, I went to the kitchen cabinet to get some Apple Cider Vinegar. I’d read about home remedies. After two weeks of treatment -- painful, swelling, blistering -- I decided to quit that. Once the wounds healed, the warts remained. Small. A few weeks later, I tried oil of oregano. You probably see where this narrative is going by now. Fast forward to August. I went back to my physician and he said they were very small (too small for liquid nitrogen now) and that I could either wait it out or I could try Aldara. I chose to try out Aldara. After a week of use (applying once per evening), and having nothing happen whatsoever, I increased the dosage to once in the morning and once in the evening. Bad idea. This caused intense blistering and severe fatigue. I could barely move. So I stopped using it altogether. Finally, encouraged by a recent study by Judith Smith at the University of Austin on HPV, I stocked up on AHCC. Granted, her study was for the HPV strain that causes cervical cancer, and not genital warts, but she does report that there are those who tried it for warts and it worked. I’ve been taking 3 grams of AHCC every day for two months now. The warts have faded. They are not raised anymore. In most light, they are, in fact, barely visible. Sometimes I really have to squint to see them. But especially in natural light, I can see them: very faint, flat, specks of red.  Frankly, I’m not even positive these are even warts, and not, instead, scars from the apple cider vinegar or aldara abuse. I am reluctant to go back to the doctor -- to pay $100 dollars -- just to have him say, again, Yes, your warts remain. I know you can’t tell me if they are warts or not. My question, I suppose, is that is it possible these are scars? If they aren’t raised, are they contagious? I have not been sexually active since February and am very reluctant to be until they are gone. And finally, if these are still warts (I know, sadly, they probably are), should I try aldara again, with a decreased dosage? I’ve read some patients treat it by taking Aldara every other day. Please advise. Thanks.
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Hi, there is no reason to believe they came back after removal as the only way for them to show up again is being exposed to them again. I would think they are scars also.
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