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HSV-1 and HSV-2 results

Dear Doctor,

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am so happy about it.  Part of pregnancy routine check-up is a blood test for STD's and HIV.  June 4, 2008 I was tested for STD's and HIV and the results are the following:

Clinical Pathology Laboratories
First test:

HSV-1                     H    >5.00 IgG

HSV-2                     H      .92  IgG

HSV IgM                  no interpretation/result

HIV                           NEGATIVE

Second test:

July 3        

HSV-1                     H    >4.09 IgG

HSV-2                     H      1.50  IgG

HSV IgM                  no interpretation/result

My Obgyn told me when I had my Work-up with her that the .92 result for HSV-2 elevation might result of my pregnancy.  She asked me to have a second test.  It seems that OBgyn are not well knowledgeable about STD's.
I am worried because of my condition.  I am pregnant and I don't want to put my baby at risk.

Doc, please enlighten me about my lab test result.  I am positive for HSV-2? I never had any outbreaks or what ever , no sign of outbreaks in my genital part. I don't know my husband is positive or not.  I am confused with the results.  In a matter of month the result changed from .92 to 1.50 which worried me a lot.

I am very healthy person and have very healthy lifestyle, very loyal to a partner.  I don't have multiple partner.  My current husband was been probably sexually active before and likes to go a bar. I am not sure of what he got but he 's seems to be healthy too.

Please anybody who can give me some advice on what to do because this is killing me.  Do I need to have another test to make sure about HSV2 result.  


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This isn't the doctor's forum but I can save you the $15 to post there.

Your original .92 result was negative.  I personally would've never repeated the blood test to be honest.  At this point I recommend you get your hubby tested for herpes. If he's hsv2 negative I would assume your repeat hsv2 1.5 result was a false positive which is very common and wouldn't do any further testing.  If he's + for hsv2 and his result is over 3.5  then I'd recommend waiting another month and then repeating your hsv2.  

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Hi Grace,

Thank you so much for taking your time to reply, I really appreciate your comment. Yes I was really surprised about the result, because I was tested in the immigration when I came here in the USA for HIV and STD's though they didn't gave us the result because it's confidential for immigration officer eyes only.  I am pretty sure that I am negative because they won't allow me to enter the USA if I have STD's or HIV.  

Right now I am very concern about it because I never thought that I would be tested positive for this kind of virus.  I am very health conscious person, but I never realized that we are all vulnerable of all kinds of virus all around us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinion about it, I agree with you i shouldn't take the second test because it's so recent after the first one.  I also agree that the first test if negative because it's below 1.00 IgG.

Sometimes I wonder about  how the health system here in the USA , it's look like it's all about business.  Doctors here are not that very caring about their patients ( not all ) but in my experience back home in my country ( PI ) doctors are really caring and they really takes care of their patients, they provide high level of concern and personalized treatment. You can even call them in their personal cell for inquiries with out any delay or email them directly and they will response to your questions.

Here , I been visiting the doctor for 4 times now and I only talk to her once.  And sometimes you have questions that bothering you , you can't even call the doctor and ask some questions.  If you cal the hospital the staff always busy, well I guess that's the way the health system here.  We are paying so much money for our health care, if I don't have my health insurance I probably end up paying too much.

Hope we can talk again soon.

Thanks a lot

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