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Had Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from a female friend. Have a gf I'm unsure what to do.

To start with, it's quiet complicated for me but I'm sure you've heard similar scenarios many times.

I have a girlfriend of 2 years. We only started having sex this year and we have done so about 3 times. She is out of state and only comes around every one or two months. She was a virgin and so I'm the only one she's been with. Our last encounter was a month plus ago (9th October).

On the 10th of this month, a friend was in town and she asked to meet. I guess I was stupid enough to ask her to come over (because she has expressed her interest in me even when she knows I have a gf). She ended up sleeping over and we had sex (Vaginal and Oral). When we started, I touched her vagina and felt a lot of fluid - sticky fluid. I just thought she was extremely wet or something (nothing like the wetness of my gf in comparison).

So fast forward 10 days later, I get the burning sensation while urinating and yellowish discharge symptoms, do a quick Google search and gonorrhea and Chlamydia come up so I decide to go get tested. I went and got tested for all the STI/STDs at the lab and they all come out negative except for gonorrhea and Chlamydia. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow for the results of culture blah blah so the doc can know which meds to prescribe. I confronted my friend and she said the last time she had sex was 3 years ago. I am confident I didn't get it from my gf and I have not had sex with anybody since 2016. The fluid from my friend and the 10 day period makes me certain I got it from my friend. I also performed oral sex on her. After my confrontation, she didn't seem too bothered about it and said bacterial infections are treatable and that she didnt know (means she's been carrying it for 3 years?!!)

I've been guilt ridden since the day. It was a mistake and one that I wouldnt ever repeat. I had planned to do a check in December but when the symptoms came up, I just had to do it. My gf and I plan to get married in about 2 years and I plan to avoid all form of sexual contact with her going forward. It would crush me to think that I can put her at risk. During this period, I want to be testing at least quarterly to make sure all is well. However I'm concerned about a few things.

1.  Would the oral sex infect my throat? Do I have to let the doc know so he gives me some kind of separate test and treatment for that too? If my gf were to kiss me, would she be infected too?

2. After treatment, is it possible for the infections to come back? I wouldn't want to put her at risk even post marriage.

3. Even though I'm getting treatment, do I still tell her or just remain celibate till marriage. If I have to, when is the right time?

I'm even considering ending the relationship with a different excuse just so I don't have to ever put her at risk and the fact that it is quite embarrassing to tell her I cheated and got an std (so let's breakup) and the fact that she may tell her family and mine when they ask why we broke up.

I know this is quite a long read but please bear with me, I'm worried and confused.
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1. Oral sex can be a low risk. No treatment and test are the same. Kissing is no risk
2. No likely unless your bacteria is resistance to antibiotic. Thats why they r doing an antibiotic sensitivity culture anyways
3. Hmm. This u can ask ur doctor. By right, u should tell her
4.if there is love btw both of u, u shouldnt break up becoz of this.
I dont want to involve myself in ur life. Talk to someone u can trust
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Thanks. Met the doctor today and I have started treatment. Doctor insists I should let my lady friend get tested but she doesn't want to talk. I guess she's embarrassed or something. I tried.
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1. I meant the treatment and test are the same
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