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Had a Really Horrible Sexual Encounter...Please HELP!

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this board, but while surfing the net, I saw this website where users are able to get quick feedback with logical and meaningful answers regarding various health issues.  

I just had a very horrible sexual encounter which involved male2male activities. This all includes (Me) receiving Heavy Analingus, receiving protected intercourse, and giving deep throat oral sex.

I would like to know what are the risks of HIV and Many other STDs out there for me?  I'm nervous wreck right now...it's only been few hours and I'm suffering from major guilt trip.

Does receiving heavy analingus create more issues for me?  How much should I be worried because of this?  Also, I'm also scared that I participated with deep throating during giving oral sex.  Does this mean more trouble?
Above all, the guy ejaculated in my rectum, but I'm not sure if the condom broke because of heavy penetration, it was impossible to feel it.

Any Detailed Answers to my question will be so much appreciated.  I'm extremely scared right now, and I don't know what's going to happen to me.  The more answers I get, the better I will understand in my situation.

Please help everyone. Thanks for reading.
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HIV questions you have to post in that forum.

As for STD's...protected anal sex is not a risk for STD's. Was oral sex protected or unprotected? Analingus is not a risk for STD's.
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Hi Vance2335,

I performed unprotected Oral Sex on him.  :-\
It worries me a lot right now.  Please help what risk factors I got myself into.

Also, can you confirm that receiving heavy analingus from another guy pose no std's??  at least that would be something to ease mind.
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Unprotected oral sex is low risk activity for gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis. We often do not recommend testing unless you need to ease your mind. Gonorrhea (throat swab) 1 week, syphilis-6 weeks, herpes-3-4 months.

I did answer your analingus question already.
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Thanks Vance.

I was asking for re-confirmation because I had read that receiving analingus can explose you to Hep A, B, or C?  I don't know if any of that is true or not, or it is just my mind pushing panic buttons.  I hope you understand.

It's a mistake I made that I'm seriously regretting right now.  argh.   3-4 months for Herpes?  I thought it can be checked out at 1 month mark, no?
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3-4 months for herpes, more info on herpes post in the herpes forum.

If you have questions on Hep please post in that forum. receiving analingus is not a risk, giving might pose a risk for Hep but not receiving.
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Thanks again.

I did forget to mention quick penetration without a condom in STD forum.  Will this change with what I should be tested for?  Thanks again in advance for answering my question
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Yes, then you should have an anal swab for gonorrhea and chlymida after 1 week. All other testing I said for oral should be done in that time frame.
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