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Hard bump recently bled-not sure if it's herpes?!

Hi there,
I am a female college student who has been sexually active. I have yet to go to the OBGYN (I just made an appointment for 2 days from now, don't worry).  Until about 1 month ago, I had not had sex for about 12 months.  I've shaved around my genitals for years and although I have certainly experienced razor burn, I have never experienced anything else. 1 month ago I started having sex with my now boyfriend.  Two days ago, I developed a hard bump under my skin.  I thought it may have been an ingrown hair, as it was not round like a pimple but rather more oval.  I tried to see it but it is almost directly next to the skin between my anus and vagina ( i believe this is called the perineum?).  Through my attempts to see it, it was almost like 2 blister looking things but it was hard almost like a pea was under my skin.  Also the skin looked very dry only over these bumps.  I tried to pop it in case it was a hair but nothing happened. On this day I had shaved my entire genital area without shaving cream.  Now, two days later the bump popped and oozed quite a bit of blood and seems to have gotten slightly smaller. It has been feeling like a bruise when it is pressed on but otherwise has never hurt or itched or anything.  Tonight, while popping it I found that in the area I had shaved 2 days ago, there was a lot of hive like bumps.  They dont itch or hurt or anything and they aren't blisters just red bumps. I'm guessing the hair is growing back in and my body is just sensitive.  I also finished my period the day I discovered this initial bump and had been wearing pads for a week.  I am just so terrified this may be herpes and i don't want to infect my boyfriend if it is. Like I said, I am going to the doctor in two days but i wanted to ask your opinion to ease my mind a bit-- or prepare for the worst. When the blood came out there was a touch of puss that came out as well but it wasnt yellow it was more of a white and it was just for a second before a ton of blood came out.  I couldnt really see any hair because it got too bloody but I am pretty sure there was a dark line under the bump.  I am just wondering if, in your experience all these symptoms and this particular bump sounds like a herpes break out, or an ingrown hair or cyst or boil etc.  I have never noticed anything like this on my boyfriend and I dont' know if i cant have my first herpes break out over a year after initial contact. If you could get back to me ASAP I would SO appreciate it. Thank you so very much, dani
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I'm sorry but skin issues is impossible to say what it is. I can say most of the time skin issues are not a STD.
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