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Have I got syphilis???

A week ago I found a red, painless sore on the underside of my penis near the frenulum, on the inner foreskin. It's a bit painful when I touched it, and there's some pale-yellowish pus inside the sore. The pus-filled area looked raised with a definite, flat border. I went to the doctor and got doxycycline 7 days and chloramphenicol gel for topical Tx. The red sore started bleeding a bit, like what happens when you pop a pimple, and went away in around 4 to 5 days but these white, painless, tiny / pinpoint spots started appearing on the corona of my penis in two rows. They haven't changed in size and numbers after around 3-4 days, and it's now a week since the initial discovery of the sore. I got sore throat at the same time as the sore's appearance and apparently it's strep throat, which levofloxacin took care of. But i'm most concerned about the tender, swollen lymph nodes on my inner thigh. They're still swollen and tender espc on the left side. I seem to have suffered from swollen axillary lymph nodes too but those have resolved spontaneously. Any thoughts? I'm a medical student so I'm very concerned over the possibility of syphilis. I've had unprotected oral sex with a girl around 3 months ago and she didn't seem to have any signs for syphilis. I googled a lot and realised that syphilitic chancre usually require 4-8 weeks to go away even with therapy, but I'm really confused by the swollen lymph nodes. Would this point to syphilis still, or herpes actually? Thanks in advance!
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Hi neither herpes or syphilis have yellow puss inside.
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