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Health Lost at Dubai. Please Help!!!

Dear Doc,
      First of all I would like to thank you for your amazing efforts in clearing doubts of many people & helping them across the world. I am under big mental torture since last 11 months here in Dubai. I am listing the details below. During early November 2013 my friend took one Chinese sex worker to our flat and he ****** her. I got her mobile number from him on that day. Then after two weeks I called her and went to her flat. I am a 30 years old Indian male  (uncircumcised) and was a virgin until that day. After reaching her flat I ****** her. I tried to finger her first put she didn't allowed and told something in Chinese. She had condom with her. First I did vaginal sex with condom, then she removed the condom and put another for oral sex as per my wish. Then this was also removed and put new condom for final stage vaginal sex. It took about 25 minutes with her and finally I ejaculate. I didn’t do anal sex. I was on top of her full time and don’t know whether the condom broke as she didn't told anything and for me it was first time sex. In between sex she put some gel inside her vagina. My knee portion has touched her vagina in between sex. After that I reached my room and had a full body bath using Dettol. On that day night my body temperature was a bit high with body pain and I was a bit feared. I forgot the instance after that. Two days later one small bump was seen on my thighs and my penis end was a bit tender. This also I didn’t take much serious. Two months went on and one day in February 2014 I noticed that the Chinese Sex worker is not online on what’s app. I tried calling her to check whether she is there in the country. But her mob was switched off and her flat was vacated. From that time my fear increased. My body temperature was a bit high hence I remembered about her. After that I experienced sore throat and muscle ache during February-March 2014. At that time my body weight was 112 KG and Height was Six Feet. I started walking in nearby garden to reduce my weight and on first day I walked 5-7 Kilometres straight. After that I could find that the nerves on my legs are a bit bulged and having pain. I had difficulty in walking at that time. I thought that this may be due to continuous walking after long period. The entire left side of my body was paining during March 2014. I was having sore throat at night and was little sweating with muscle ache. I started keeping water bottle near my bed at night as I am felt thirsty during sleep. It didn’t go more than one week and i thought I am normal. After coming to Dubai for working since past 2 years I used to drink more bottles of beer every week and used to visit pubs for dancing. I visited a pub on May 27th 2014 and was fully tight as I had more cocktail. I was full time in middle of pick up girls and was dancing. I smoked around 20 Cigarettes. While coming we went to a hotel for having food. The hotel was about to close and we were the last customers. I had more food as I was much hungry and ordered again. After having the second turn my head started rotating and inside my stomach something was spinning. I was fully down and told my friends that I don’t want anything to eat. I stood up and walked towards the wash basin area to wash my hands. But my head was rotating and I fell down like a pole. I think my left side of the body has hit the ground. After that my friends came and pulled me up and washed my hands. I was sweating like anything as if somebody is pouring water on me and was fully out of control. Seeing me one of my friends also started sweating and he was also panic. Then the hotel guy arranged a cab for us and we reached home. I was down with fever the very next day. My body was paining and I was feared. I started having the feeling that I have HIV. My left side of the head was a bit tight and I was feeling like something is there on back of my head. It went on and I was full time having the feeling that I was sick. I stopped smoking and drinking after two weeks by June 2014. I was smoking before around 8 cigarettes daily for the past 10 years. During drinks it went up to 20 in weekends. During June 2014 I went to my home town and came back after two weeks. I did a medical check-up at my home town and doctor told that you are obese and your heart beat rate is a bit more after taking ECG. He prescribed vitamin D tables and Neurobion Tablets for me as I told I have pain on left side of body. I didn’t do any test for HIV. At that time my body weight came down to 106 KG. I came back to Dubai in July 2014 and was missing my home like anything. My mind had the feeling that I am sick because my left side of body from head to toe had some sort of pain. After that my friends came to enjoy their vacation here in Dubai during August 2014. I went with them to pub and my friend picked one girl. We took her to the hotel and both of us ****** her. I ****** her for around 10 minutes. The condom was proper and it didn’t break for sure and I removed it correctly. I reached home late night and was fully upset as I have done it again. Time went on smoothly and after one month in September 2014 I started searching for HIV symptoms in Google as I felt that I am not well. I was fully down as I could see that I also have some symptoms. The symptoms which are troubling me now is listed below-
1.       My waist size is reduced and my total weight is now 106 KG. My waist size was 40 CM before and now its 36-38 CM (Don’t know whether this is because I stopped having beer since last 4-5 months or is it fat loss after HIV Infection?)

2.       The veins are visible on my hands, palms and legs. (Is it because of Fat loss after HIV infection?)

3.       My hands are getting a bit thin as i could put the buttons of certain shirts which were not possible before. (Is it because of Fat loss after HIV infection?)

4.       Tingling sensation across my hands, legs, fingers, scalp and face.  (Is it because of peripheral neuropathy?)

5.       Wrist pain and pain in fingers of legs and hands.

6.       Pain on Scalp and left side of head. Sometimes on back side of head. I saw that there is a bulging in back side of head. I have noticed these bulging months before I had first sex that is in July 2013. Didn’t take much care of it at that time. But now I am nervous. (Is this because of Meningitis or peripheral Neuropathy in HIV?)

7.       More sputum since last 5 months. I am spitting more. (Is it because of lung disorder in HIV?)

8.       Pain across the shoulders and legs. Sometimes it’s more as its worst. (Is it fatigue?)

9.       Bumps on my triceps and small red dots on my hands. Sometimes I feel it has a foul smell (Is it HIV Bumps which came two months back and the marks are still there.)

10.   Body temperature sometimes a bit high. (Mainly Hands, Neck area and Palms)

11.   Itching sometimes across the body. (This started since I changed my soap. My friend who is using the same brand soap also has itching and after changing that brand I don’t have itching)

12.   I am gloomy full time due to the mental torture and sometimes feel like head is rotating.

13.   Can’t sleep sometimes as dreams are coming bad and my back side of head is paining.

14.   Peeling of skin on my palms. (This also started recently may be because I changed my soap and climate also changed)

15.   Lips are dry and having dry mouth sometimes. Mainly at Night. (Dont know whether its because of hot climate in Dubai)

16.   Back and body pain. Neck pain is there on left side and sometimes I feel like the veins on my neck are tightened and bulged sometimes.

17.   Jaw pain is also there sometimes.

18.   Gastric problems and white discharge along with stool. ( I am facing this difficulty since past 3 to 4 years before first sex)

19. Shortness of breath is also there. Sometimes pain in heart area, chest and ribs.
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I am afraid, your post may be shifted to STD or AIDS community as you will not get any expert at this community.
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You had no risk.
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