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Help! STD suspicion

Towards the middle of october, a two year relationship I was in ended.  Over the last month, i became pretty promiscuous, sleeping with 3 people (two women, and one man + receiving oral sex from another).  In both cases with the women, I wore a condom - which was intact at the end.  In the case with the man, he wore a condom - which was intact at the end.  All three people denied having any STD's.  The only suspicion i saw was that one woman had red rash like bumps across the top of her mons pubis.  She said she had sensitive skin and that it was just razor burn.  

So I had no worries and didn't consider any possibilities of contracting any STD's.  I will also mention that I have folliculitis covering the front of both my thighs and scattered on my upper legs from going to the gym.  This doesn't cause any pain that I know of and is just an eye sore.  Well about a week ago, I found what looked to be two pimples in between my buttocks and scrotum.  I popped them both.  A tiny bit of blood and serous fluid came out.  The next day they scabbed over.  Never caused any pain, and within a few days they were healed.  

However, ever since I found those bumps, I have become extremely obsessed with the idea that I have contracted something.  I will spend a lot of time every day, looking at my scrotum, in the mirror around my anus and inspecting for anything that might look out of place.  When I am not doing that, I am hyper aware of any feeling that I may feel down there. I am also beating up on myself that my life is now going to be forever changed because I have some permanent disease - though I haven't even been diagnosed with anything.   I looked up all the symptoms of herpes, and now am constantly thinking - was that a tingle I just felt, was that an itch that I just felt?  I don't know if I am suddenly feeling these  symptoms because I am constantly thinking about that area.    I started using lotrimin spray down there to block any itch that I may have felt, and I believe it worked (though I am not even sure if I felt an itch at all).  However my scrotum became briefly inflamed - I think from manipulating it so much which searching for any pump or signs of herpes. Also I have noticed lots of skin colored tiny bumps on my penile shaft and covering my entire scrotum.  They have not changed in appearance and I think they have always been there - though I am not sure.  Finally, I started having a scratchy throat last week.  People I am in school with, and work with, have been sick.  Four days ago, I noticed swollen tonsils and what looked to be a large ulcer on one of my tonsils.  There was also white spots on both of my tonsils.  I called my doctor and he believed it was strep.  He prescribed amoxicillin BID which I have been taking.  I do not feel sick - just have throat pain.  My tonsils are still a bit swollen and the ulcer is still there 4 days later.  I  am completely obsessing about all this and it is taking up a lot of space in my head.  Any info you may have or opinions are greatly appreciated.  

Here is a timeline of my recent sexual history:
11/4 sex with woman, performed oral, received oral
11/10 received anal sex from man
11/22 received oral sex from man
11/25 sex with woman
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very low risk, overall nothing to be concerned with
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