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Help! Confused!

I had unprotected sex a few months ago and I got tested for all STDs three weeks after. The doctor said they found white blood cells from my swab so she gave me 1g of Anthro (my test results eventually came back negative). I'm assuming the Anthro got rid of any bacteria I may have had however, a week later I developed a slightly irritated meatus, basically a red line on the tip of my penis. It becomes more inflamed when I masturbate or get an erection. I was hoping it would take care of itself but I have it for over a month and a half now. Does this mean I have something else? I have no other symptoms except an irritated feeling in my urethra after excessive drinking. It's never happened before so I'm wondering if there's still bacteria or if these are symptoms towards something? Please help, it's been driving me crazy and it's all I have on my mind.
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Might just be dehydration causing the irritation. Follow up with your Dr.
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