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Help! Did I get an STD?

I was using a public restroom, and I noticed there was a thumbnail-sized stain of something bright red (maybe blood?) at the bottom of the toilet (under the water, near the toilet's hole). I should have flushed it first, but the water was otherwise clear and I thought the stain wouldn't go away anyway, nor would water splash on me. I peed first and then pooped. The problem is, when I pooped, a little bit of water splashed up on me. When I flushed everything, the stain was gone.

If the stain in the toilet was blood, and it had a bacterial STD or virus (HIV) did it seep into the water? Or did the coldness of the water and the chemicals in my urine kill it? I'm so scared I have an STD from this splash of water from the toilet. Please help.
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this absolutely was not a risk for you!

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Thank you very much for the response. I feel better now.
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