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Help! Is it a cut or an std on my vagina?

I recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about 3-4 days ago. It was my first time and we didn’t lube up properly and it was kind of uncomfortable but bearable. After the sex I realized how puffed up my vagina lips were? They were sensitive to the touch and also hurt when touched too. It stings when I pee and when I take a close up look I see a line that looks like a cut but it’s been a couple of days now and I cannot tell if it healing or getting worse because the area I would describe like I can see the cut and it bleeds in a line but the area under the skin of the cut looks white? Or yellowish? Does that mean it’s infecting? Or is it not a cut and something worse? It does not itch, only stings when I pee, I feel a little pain when touching it. It is only on one side of my vagina and it’s like right outside of my vagina hole on the right inner labia. I assumed it was a diaper rash at first and used A+D pediatric cream but I think that made it worse? I think it was better when I didn’t use the cream. I’ve been so paranoid that it’s something serious or if I should get it checked out or leave it alone to heal?
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I guess the safest thing to do is take a few sitzbaths in something good for you like a vinegar solution or boric-acid solution (keep them mild -- mostly water) and give it a week or two and see if everything heals. In the meantime, keep your fingers off, since the hands can transmit bacteria. Then later when you get a chance, get tested for STDs, since it sounds like the sex was unprotected. I don't think you would get a rash from an STD only 3-4 days after the sex (though I'm not sure about some conditions, like herpes) but it really sounds like too much friction and not enough lubrication.  
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How are you feeling now?

Since you had symptoms right after sex, it doesn't sound like an STD. Herpes symptoms don't appear for at least 2 days, usually 4 days, but can take much longer.

If sex isn't comfortable, it's really important to speak up. "Bearable" is not the goal - pleasure is the goal. You may need extra lube, which is perfectly normal. It doesn't mean you aren't aroused, as loads of things can affected how much lubrication your body produces - nerves, hormonal birth control, where you are in your cycle, condoms, alcohol, etc.

Have you and your boyfriend talked about STDs? If you aren't his first partner - including oral sex - has he been tested?

All of this means having some possibly uncomfortable conversations, but the better the communication, the better the sex. :)
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