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Help again !!!

Today, I had sex with a with a local prostitute who I know has had chly. A few years ago and is promiscuous. It was protected and went on for about 5 minutes. I stopped and when I pulled out I noticed she had started her period. Prior to this we she used lube on me for a h.j. When I pulled out there was blood all over the condom! I did not feel it break after I took it off I saw a spot of blood on my mid shaft ( I think it came from my bloody hand ? I had no blood anywhere but there and at the base of my penis . As I said I don't think it broke and she says she's clean , as a friend I hope she's telling the truth. What risk do I have? For what Sti?
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Very little risk as the episode remained protected.  If the condom had failed they rip right open and you would have spotted my happy without his rain coat.

For your own peace of mind a std screening at 4 weeks will cover you for just about everything but really only for peace of mind.
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Thanks for the re assurance Alan! I guess it's the blood that's got me freaking out. And that a drip was on mr happy, like I said probably from my own hand . My biggest fear is that condom failing, but if it did I , mr happy would have been covered in blood too ?
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When condoms fail they burst right open.  Try and put a small hole in one and
see what happens :o)

Hiv this is essentially no risk since the tip of your penis was well protected.
Intact skin is a barrier for hiv protection so blood on the shaft is not a worry unless you had open wounds?

Condoms are not 100% protective against skin to skin infections such as HPV (which can cause warts) Herpes and Syphilis.  If you dont notice symptopms of the latter 2 in the next 14 days I wouldnt be worried by these. There is no accurate HPV for men and Warts could potentially take a upto a year.  

But keep in mind this was a single exposure and condoms while not 100 protective against skin to skin transmission further reduce the already low risk.  
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thanks again Alan! No I don't and didn't have any open sores and I'm more sure the blood got on my thumb then on my mid shaft while taking off the condom. I guess you're right I have had one burst in the past and I felt it immediately, and I do recall when I pulled out all I saw was the bloody condom , not mr. Happy. I'm going to make for certain I never land myself in these positions agaIn. The reason I pulled out is because I went limp ( knowing I was doing something bad)
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also there was very little skin to skin the condom was all the way to the base and I'm a hairy guy
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