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Unprotected oral second void, maybe 1/2 ounce wasted then in the cup NAAT,, male is this an accurate test? Potential prostate swollen and frequent urination?  On home strips  no nitrites or leukocyte eterase Any info is greatly appreciate
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Better to use your first void urine to maximise the amount of potential bacteria.
Home strips aren't  designed for looking for STIs, though Leukocytes may show up
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Does this make the test irrelevant? I have severe anxiety about this?
Would the lab likely see bateria otherwise?
They also did not see wbcs at the office.
The test, was this a swab that was  looked at under a microscope?
Dip stick  I believe and naat urine
Doc said based on urine and exposure he would not typically order but I requested testing.
Doc said based on urine he would not typically run the naat but I requested.
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Can you keep all your questions to one thread? You have so many, and many are repetitive, so keep it all to one thread.

Also, don't forget to follow up on your high glucose.
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Yes sorry. Thank you!
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