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Hepatitis B Contraction odds and testing.

I recently had sexual intercourse with an asian female who works in a massage parlor in Las Vegas.  She did not sound like she was born here.  I used a condom and sex was only 2-3 minutes.  There was no rip in the condom.  When I took the condom off, I don't think it touched the penis.  My questions are as follows:

1) What are my odds of contracting Hepatitis B/HIV?
2) Can Hepatitis B/HIV live outside the body and the condom acidentally touched the penis to give me the disease?
3) I know Aids/HIV takes 2-3 months in 99% of cases to be tested for, but for Hepatitis B, when can I test with accuracy.
4) What is the odds of an asian massage parlor employee having these diseases, especially since she kept telling me not to tell anyone, as she does not do this?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide, as I'm scared out of my mind and have never done anything like this before.
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PS:  This occurrecd 7 days ago and since 1 day after I notice a tingle/mild buning sensation at the tip of my penis.......is this anything or just my imagination.
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Can a person obtain the Hepatitis B vacination if they've been exposed early on?  
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Protected sex is no risk. HIV or Hepatitis B cannot exist outside the body. It would be a graveyard or a death sentence for them to be outside. They are ineffective and harmless once exposed outside. The condom touching your penis is not a means of transmission at all. Like you said in your P.S., this is just your imagination. Anxiety can do that to people. I would know.
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Can I get the vacination now, even if I was exposed, to insure no contraction?  When can I test for this?
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We cannot tell you whether you should or not because we cannot give medical advice. We are just here to give opinion and helpful tips to assure those who are in some predicament. We also promote and encourage safe sex now and in the future. My opinion, if it scares you a lot, make an inquiry to your physician for a Hepatitis B vaccination. I am not saying to demand it but make a suggestion. But, this is what I would say. Don't act on it. But, this is purely anxiety you are going through, man.
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