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Herpes ???

Hi , I have been experiencing 4 single lesions on my penis very small in size they do not inch nor cause any pain they are in different areas of my penis I am worried if this could be herpes , I went to the doctors and am currently waiting on my results but my Anxiety and fear is driving me crazy, my last exposure of sex was 16 days ago and was with a condom , l the lesions have been there for about a week and have not changed in size and do not have any fluid or blister type please can anybody help
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You should have asked ur doctor. We can't help much, we did not see the blister.
Could be hpv
Very low risk for all std as your sex is protected
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I read a lot that herpes can cause no pain ? , but my doctor said if it was herpes it would be causing pain or  Itching  which I have no symptoms of, also if it was herpes wouldn’t the bumps have fluid in them by now they have been there for a week ?
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