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Herpes ><

Hi, I'm a 25 year old male circumcised... got to drunk ended up having 2 minutes of unprotected sex in a chlorine pool. 2 days later ... Mind your I am a bit paranoid at this point realizing what i'v done, I notice this really small bump on the head of my penis then one more on the other side a few days later.
I use to shave down there and actually get laser hair removal there in some spots as well.... So I got a pretty decent burn from a bad laser (right after i noticed the bumps) and it's kind of gnarly, so I stopped shaving everything, plus now there's like this pimple looking thing on the shaft of my penis i think it's an ingrown hair... But the most concerning thing is this tingling/(almost burning) feeling mainly around the top of the head of my penis and mainly when i'm sitting down it comes and goes. Feels fine when I pee and seems to go away when I well release stress... It's been 16 days now.

I got an std test all paranoid 11 days after the pool for everything... it was just blood and urine, I only realized after i got the results that 11 days after is not enough time for herpes to show up in blood... So I guess i'm still quite freakin concerned, what do? I guess go to a Urologists but I have no insurance... Any idea how much a visit might run, or general opinions?
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Go to a std clinic.
Unprotected sex risk
1. Gono/clamydia -10 days
2. Hiv- 4 weeks(4th gen), 6-8 weeks (3rd gen)
3. Syphilis- 4-6 weeks
4. Herpes- 3 months
5. Hepa b- ab test 3 mos.
Test at the correct time frame.
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