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Herpes? Genital Warts? Testical Cancer? Hear me out

I am a 17 year old male, sexually active.
Here is my situation
Today I noticed a small flesh colored painless BB sized bump on my right testicle, near the top.
I inspected the rest on my private area and noticed a raw area on the left side of my testicle, on the bottom almost going behind. No pain at all in my genital area.

-Past Encounters-
This isn't the first time I have noticed something like this, During the summer  was the first time I seen a small BB sized bump, it was an open sore because i scratched it or something. It seemed to come out of nowhere, It eventually healed and went away, with no sign of it left. About 2 months later I noticed a bump, one like I have now. At the same time which I had an annoying itch inside my urethra. The itch was on and off for 2 days and usually only itched when i was laying down.

-Concluded Questions-
Is it something I should worry about? Is it herpes? Is it testicular cancer? Is it Genital Warts?
I'll post a few pictures, It may help a little more.
Please help me, Im really scared, not just for me, but my girlfriend as well.
All help is appreciated, Thank you
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Please - no pics.  Read the thread called "Please read before posting" for an explanation of why.

This might be herpes, but I doubt its warts - warts don't come and go like that.

It could also be a fungal infection, like jock itch, too.

You should find out if there is an std clinic near you (google your town and std clinics) and get checked.

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how does one get jock itch?
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You can find a lot more info by googling it, but here's a start -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinea_cruris

If you haven't seen your doctor and you still have symptoms, what are you waiting for?  Its time.

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