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Herpes from lapdance

So basically a week or so ago I got mulitple lapdances from different strippers. It was a stupid choice and probably the last time I ever do it. I am not sexually active, still a virgin. Basically it was a bottomless and topless club. The girl was grinding on me over my clothes, which I know is no risk for herpes. But then she pulled my shirt up and started to grind her vagina on my lower abdomen (skin to skin). 2 days later a red bump developed. I scratched it and now it looks like it scabbed. Basically its really itchy and it burns and hasnt gone away for over a week. I also developed a rash on my arms and legs which look like bug bites but burn and itch more than bug bites. All happened around 2 days after that exposure. Is this herpes 2? How do I tell. What was my risk for that exposure. Is there a test?
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Herpes are sores that will burst and a liquid will come from them. Pretty extreme, google search images. You might just have had an allergic reaction
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