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Herpes or bactrial infection?

This has been going on for a month. It feels nearly over.

-Aug. 31st I took a razor blade and scraped off two genital warts.
-The next day I felt a burning sensation on my right thigh.
-A rash developed, which felt like eczema ( I have sensitive skin, lots of eczema on body)
-Very sore groin and right testicle pain for 2-3 weeks

The rash lasted for about 3ish weeks. Moving around. It was on the shaft and scrotum of my penis.

-Four days ago my glans became inflamed and very sore, within a matter of hours a clear painful blister formed.
-the next morning the inflammation went away, but one blister remained, much reduced in size. While three other blisters became scabs/hard blood spots. These spots don't look like anything I've seen regarding herpes, except for maybe the blister? But it seemed a lot, bigger than a herpes blister. It was huge and puffy inside my glans near the urethra.

The reason for this question is that I had protected sex 10 days before the onset of my symptoms, but I most likely (guessing) gave myself an infection by stupidly cutting/scraping off genital warts. I'm driving myself insane. I'd like to go to a doctor but I am away for three months.

Thanks for any information.
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Hi nothing what you describe suggests a herpes outbreak.
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