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Herpes or something else (penis pimple) ?

I had sex with someone 3 weeks ago and a week ago a pimple appeared on my penis ..
I live in avert conservative middleeast community as an expat and its hard to get access to sexual health check
Can someone tell by appearance if this herpes or just a normal pimple just for the peace of mind till i travel outside and get checked
This a photo of it:
I wish someone can help
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Does it feel like it's on the top of the skin, or under it? Herpes is on top of the skin, not under it, like a pimple.

A pimple is simply a clogged oil pore, and that can happen on your penis, too. It could also be an infected hair follicle. Does it seem like a hair is coming out of it?

Any doctor should be able to tell you if it's a pimple, and you don't have to bring up any sexual activity. It doesn't look like an STD. Are you able to access health care at all?

Did you have protected or unprotected sex? Oral, vaginal or anal sex?

It may be really tempting to pop it - don't do that. Even if it's just a pimple, popping it can cause an infection, scarring, etc. Don't put anything made for the face on your penis, either. Just use gentle soap and warm water on it.

It was unprotected sex and that is what i worry .. the thing is am living in a very conservative town on the middle east, and being an expat you are very unwelcomed specifically in my case
I can't diagnose you, but it really just looks like a pimple. Don't put anything on it, other than using a gentle soap to keep the area clean and dry, and watch it. (You don't need to check it a lot - once or twice a day is enough.)

If it starts to look infected - red, warm to the touch, or gets bigger - then see a doctor. It really doesn't look like any STD.
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